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06 May, 2007

Sacred walking

I went for a wonderful walk early this morning. I drove to the botanical gardens in my home city of Melbourne and spent a couple of hours there - walking, sitting, meditating.

What I was doing was what I call "sacred walking" - allowing myself to connect with the peace and oneness of Nature on this lovely Autumn morning. I felt serene and totally replenished afterwards.

Consider this beautiful quote from Charmaine White Face of the Oglala Sioux:
One of our old, old Holy Men said, "Every step you take on Earth should be a Prayer. The power of a pure and good Soul is in every person's Heart and will grow as a seed as you walk in a Sacred manner. And if every step you take is a Prayer, then you will always be walking in a Sacred manner."
Today, make some time to get out in Nature and try "walking in a Sacred manner". You can do this anywhere - your garden, a local park, the beach, the bush or a wilderness area. The important thing is to experience this alone, so that you can enjoy your own unique connection - to yourself and the oneness of All That Is.

There's nothing special that you need to do, in fact you'll find that it works as a kind of emptying of "self" and a wonderful release of anything that may have been worrying you. Let go and simply allow yourself to be...


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