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The Soul Connector

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29 May, 2007

Perfect as you are

I have a confession to make: I'm a perfectionist! That can be a good thing, because it means I aspire to high standards. But sometimes it's definitely not a good quality to have, because there are occasions when I drive myself far too hard. I think that, fundamentally, everyone wrestles with something similar - we're all constantly judging ourselves in one way or another. How do I measure up to this 'standard' that I've set for myself?

But what if you could let go of all judgement? What if you could allow yourself to be perfect exactly as you are, right now?

In The Gift, P'taah (channeled by Jani King) says:
Sometimes you relate the idea of perfection to a finished product and you perceive that when you are perfect, you will be a 'finished' article, so to speak. There is no finish, there is no end. Who you are at this moment, in this now, is perfection of the Mind of Creation, unto Infinity.
That certainly resonates for me! How about you?

Today, why not take some time to accept and appreciate all that you are - without judgement. Know that in reality there is no judgement, simply moment after perfect moment. Allow yourself to be in this moment. Allow yourself to be all that you are.

In the words of P'taah:
Enlightenment is not about being good. It is about BEING.

06 May, 2007

Sacred walking

I went for a wonderful walk early this morning. I drove to the botanical gardens in my home city of Melbourne and spent a couple of hours there - walking, sitting, meditating.

What I was doing was what I call "sacred walking" - allowing myself to connect with the peace and oneness of Nature on this lovely Autumn morning. I felt serene and totally replenished afterwards.

Consider this beautiful quote from Charmaine White Face of the Oglala Sioux:
One of our old, old Holy Men said, "Every step you take on Earth should be a Prayer. The power of a pure and good Soul is in every person's Heart and will grow as a seed as you walk in a Sacred manner. And if every step you take is a Prayer, then you will always be walking in a Sacred manner."
Today, make some time to get out in Nature and try "walking in a Sacred manner". You can do this anywhere - your garden, a local park, the beach, the bush or a wilderness area. The important thing is to experience this alone, so that you can enjoy your own unique connection - to yourself and the oneness of All That Is.

There's nothing special that you need to do, in fact you'll find that it works as a kind of emptying of "self" and a wonderful release of anything that may have been worrying you. Let go and simply allow yourself to be...