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The Soul Connector

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26 June, 2007

Permission to play

You may have noticed that I haven't posted to my blog for several weeks. I had a bout of flu a few weeks ago, which was a real wakeup call for me to do more self-nurturing than I'd been doing. Yes, even life coaches need to work at life balance!

I'd clearly got run down and realised that I needed to lighten my workload a bit and allow myself more time to play. You'd think I'd know this already, eh? I certainly talk about it enough with my clients.

But life balance is a dynamic process and sometimes you need to push too hard in one direction in order to notice that you're neglecting another area of your life. The important thing IS to notice. And a change in your health is a sure sign that you need to be doing something differently.

So what I've been doing for myself is lots of drawing, painting and collaging. And not much writing. It's been working a treat - I really feel like I've been replenishing my soul! Because I don't make a living from my art, there are no constraints on what I can or can't do. No deadlines, no pressure. I find it a very restful process, even meditative.

Do you have something creative in your life like that? I can highly recommend it. It's a fabulous antidote to work stress. If you're feeling tired and flat or lacking in motivation for your work, then do something about it NOW. Preferably before your body has to step in and insist on a rest, by falling ill!

I've included one of my collages here, by way of inspiration. So get out there and find your creative muse - give yourself permission to play...